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Just a Little Talk

I don't know about y'all , but I know that my dad does everything within his power to take care of me and keep me safe. He cautions me about things that could happen if I do certain things and he is always giving me wisdom on how I should do things if I want to do it the right way.

Well, just like our dad on earth, our Heavenly Father wants to take care of us. He cautions us when we are falling away and He is more than happy to accept us back with open arms when we don't make the best decisions.

I know that personally, when I really need to talk to someone there is only 2 or 3 people that I can go to and share my feelings with. Even when I go to those people I still need to talk it out some more. So there is one person that I take everything to; all of my grief, my pain, my desires, and the thoughts that I absolutely can't share with anyone because they are so private. His name is Jesus. I take a couple of moments and just speak to Him from my heart. Everything that I have bottled up and hidden away, I just let it come out. Once I start telling Him everything, more stuff services up that I didn't even realized was there. Its like the flood gates of my heart open up and it pours out.

But the thing is, when I speak to Him about all the things in my life I begin to feel light hearted and like a weight is lifted off of me. I give all of my desires, everything that is hidden away, I give it to Jesus. I speak to Him and trust that He will take care of it. The Bible says

day 39 | john 21

On grow

There's nothing more awkward (and sometimes painful) than an "uneven" friendship or unrequited love. Honest, I feel for people deeply and if I am drawn to someone, I tend to come on pretty strong. It's the worst feeling in the world when my loving enthusiasm for someone actually puts them off. The thing is, I know I've done the same to others. It's just awkward, and hard to reconcile. What are you supposed to do when you just don't match up?

Jesus and Peter have a really awkward conversation over a breakfast of bread and broiled fish. Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times, and Peter tells him three times that he does. The reason why this conversation is awkward isn't because of how many times Jesus asks, but rather the love that Jesus talks about initially isn't the love that Peter has to give Jesus. The two loves are:

So, to give perspective to the conversation:

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