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The Heart of Being Single

Okay everyone, I know Valentines day is next Saturday and most of the singles out there are dreading another Valentines day without someone to call their own. Well, I'm here to inform everyone that there is no longer a need to feel lonely on Valentines day or on any other day of the year for that matter.

I've been in the same shoes as everyone else out their; I still am! Come Valentines day I will not have a date or a banquet to attend with a handsome beau. Matter of fact, I will be catering and serving food at a banquet instead. I'm not here to talk bad about the fact that I wont have a beau to go with, actually I don't even mind that much. What I am here to talk about is that we should be happy in our time of singleness and not dread every single minute of it. God is allowing us to be single for a reason. He isn't holding that from you to make you mad or upset at Him. He has a perfect plan for our lives and that's what He wants us to realize. A wonderful scripture in the Bible that I love is Jeremiah 29:11(NKJV),

God doesn't want to harm us. We are children of God! He wants only whats best for us. If that means we wait and stay single for a while, than that's what we'll do. The Bible also says,

day 38 | john 19-20

On grow

Mary Magdalene discovers Jesus alive in the garden outside his tomb. He tells her not to touch him because he has not yet ascended to his Father. He wants her to go and tell the disciples that he will ascend to the Father, their Father, to his God, and their God.

Ascension means something specific in Judaism. For us, it's easy to think, "Oh, Jesus is gonna glow and float up to Heaven with the angels," because we don't understand it. Ascension through biblical scripture and in Jewish tradition is one of two things:

After Jesus yells, "It is finished!" on the cross, the text says that he surrenders his spirit. When the text indicates that Jesus is dead, it is from the perspective of onlookers and witnesses. From Jesus' perspective, he ascended. From an observer's perspective, he died.

For Mary, a Jewess, to hear Jesus say that he has not yet ascended would possibly remind her of ancient heroes such as Enoch and Elijah who were taken up to heaven by God without dying. And the fact that Jesus wants her to share this with the disciples indicates that he has received revelation, has been imparted information by God to give to them before he is completely taken up to the Father. So, what was it that he revealed?

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