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Creating an Extraordinary Life

I have never wanted an ordinary life, I want an extraordinary life. In my world this means living life to the full each day. Waking up earlier, reading, writing, drawing, painting and learning. I am always learning. Learning is the key to my progress and evolution on this earth. Every day is new and I do my best to do one new thing every day. Yesterday I cooked an dish I had not done for 15 years, making delicious bread from chickpea flour with delicious spices and onions. Taking myself out from my work I recalled my childhood and talked to my Mum on the speakerphone while frying the bread. It was a lovely peaceful experience. Sometimes it's the simplest experiences in life that make me happy and so today I am gearing myself up for a lovely bank holiday weekend , after which I hope to return to my painting and drawing with fresh eyes.

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”

Julian Barnes

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