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I AM A MASTERPIECE. A work of art. An original. While I was being created I went thru the stress and strain of being formed, I felt uncomfortable in my own skin as it was being stretched & molded, even while I was still broken, I was being mended back together by the ultimate CREATOR, he saw me and said, "This shall be a masterpiece, I will take my time with her, if she will be pliable, I will form her into an outstanding piece, one that will stand tall, firm and strong, she will be desired by the multitudes and bring joy to all who see and hear her. She shall go out into the world and be my hands and feet." Today, I am still being shaped day by day, hour by hour for this position of greatness, so when I'm feeling discouraged, or question the length of this valley, I now understand, this test has only been formed to bring out the best in me, because I AM A MASTERPIECE.

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