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Your Fear Slips Away

The single best thing I did before I left for the Peace Corps was attend a meditation retreat. I was silent for 10 days straight and did over 120 hours of meditation.

Before that retreat the most meditation I'd done at once was 15 minutes. Part of me thought I was crazy.

The other part of me was on-fire excited. I knew this was good for me.

10 days and several songs suck in my head later (who knows where they were coming from, I still don't know) I was done. It was incredible, terrible, wonderful and horrible. I recommend it to everyone. Why? Fear.

Change Labs Mission 5 Report

On Mindful Change

From Leo B. "here’s the mission:

My report this week is that I survived a nasty bout of either stomach flu or food poisoning (which also triggered other chronic health issues). So I didn't make a ton of progress but other than a giant hot spot on my kitchen table things aren't worse at least. And I consider that a victory. I still managed to exercise, at least a little 6/7 days and I did get a lot of reading done. I started and am nearly finished "The Quarter-Acre Garden," which I'm loving, as well as making progress in "The Story," "The Just Right Home," some of my "Zentangle" books and more.

My main fear this week was health related so releasing it and giving that fear to God was a huge, many-times-repeated step. I hope you all are having a fantastic, healthy, energy filled, courageous week!

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