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Leo Asks For Your Help

I've admired Leo at ZenHabits for years now. I read him every day during my three years in the Peace Corps and now for three years after it. He's one of the reasons I got into blogging in the first place. I've even got a picture of him on my wall of inspirations alongside Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, my Dad, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King and other awesome people.

So when he asks me for me, I say yes. Of course.

Change Labs Program

Right now Leo is writing a book to summarize all of the amazing things he's learned in creating ZenHabits, one of the most successful blogs of all time. He's testing out the ideas in the book on a small group of people. I volunteered. He wrote back a few months later. Here we go!

I'm excited to share all the awesome things we do here. Our assignments. My learning and much more.

Rest in Peace... How about no.

On Princess Posts


Last night just after 10:00pm heaven gained another beautiful angel. Her name was Alyssa and she was only 15 years old. She had battled cancer, beaten it, and was knocked down again. She was an inspiration. She made it known to everyone that just because she had a terrible disease didn't mean she was different from everyone else. She loved to dance, she wore a sparkly pink dress to her freshman homecoming dress this year, and she would send her friends the ugliest snapchats imaginable. She wanted the world to see her, not her illness. Just last week she was at an elementary school, talking to young kids about the C word, and now, she's gone.

Alyssa was one of my sister's very best friends. As a big sister, it was so hard for me to hear about Alyssa's passing and to have to hold my sister while she cried her eyes out. I spent the night in her bedroom and rubbed her back for hours until she finally fell asleep. My sister is only a freshman, she should not have to lose a friend while she's this young. I can't imagine what it must be like for Alyssa's family. Especially her older sister.

Everyone keeps posting things about her, even those people who never knew her. I know their showing their sympathy/ support or whatever but its complete bull crap. They could have given her their support while she was still alive. They could have been her friend, or done something to make her smile on the days she was feeling terrible. But no, they wait until after she's gone and then they post things via facebook or twitter about her and how they're in tears... They have no right to cry, they didn't even know her. If I have to stay strong for my sister, they should at least have the decency to not publicize the fact that they can't even keep it together when they haven't really lost anything.

Everyone says "Rest in Peace Alyssa" but the truth is, she won't. She's gone to heaven, the most wonderful place ever. She won't be resting, anyone who has ever met Alyssa knows how energetic and obnoxious she was. lol. She will be up there dancing and laughing and having a grand time. She won't be resting, or peaceful, she will be bouncing off the walls causing lots of trouble, that's just who she is and it shouldn't be any other way.

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