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Leo Asks For Your Help

I've admired Leo at ZenHabits for years now. I read him every day during my three years in the Peace Corps and now for three years after it. He's one of the reasons I got into blogging in the first place. I've even got a picture of him on my wall of inspirations alongside Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, my Dad, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King and other awesome people.

So when he asks me for me, I say yes. Of course.

Change Labs Program

Right now Leo is writing a book to summarize all of the amazing things he's learned in creating ZenHabits, one of the most successful blogs of all time. He's testing out the ideas in the book on a small group of people. I volunteered. He wrote back a few months later. Here we go!

I'm excited to share all the awesome things we do here. Our assignments. My learning and much more.


On Zen Papa

I'm still unsure how this is going to show up in the Change Labs Beta group, but here goes.

I guess I've been procrastinating writing here because this Sett group has confused me. Every time I've gone to write I've wondered where the other group posts are, clicked around a bit and didn't see them.

But I suppose the best thing to do is post and see if anyone else out there is less confused than I am :-) Just start the process and see what happens.

Hmmm, looks like some posts are showing up in groups. I see my post from 2 weeks ago in the group now (, but not this one. SETT is still confusing to me as is the "group" format for the Beta.

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