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Someone Changes Your Life Forever

As Leo says, it's very true that we can easily get sucked into our ideals. I think being around great people you love can help you, it certain helps me, refocus on what matters.

Being a good person.

Being happy.

Being healthy.

I was reminded of this yesterday by something I wrote years ago.

2nd Mission

On Zen Beta

1. Journal about the biggest problem you'd like to work on in this Beta program. Why is it important to you?

I'd like to work on self acceptance. I am a seeker and am constantly trying to improve. I work in healthcare with a specialty in behavior change. I am constantly trying to change my behavior- add good, delete bad. The issue is that I never seem to be able to appreciate what is currently working. Why is that? It's important to me because I feel like I'd be happier and potentially able to help others more effectively.

2. Relate your thoughts on fear being the root of your problems, to this problem specifically. So if you chose procrastination, write about how procrastination is related to your fears.

I believe this intense need to be better is directly related to fear of not being good enough. If I felt that I was good enough as is, I would not feel such an intense drive to improve. It's fine to learn and grow, but it should not come at the expense of enjoying life.

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