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You Write a Thesis

I'm literally writing my thesis right now. Or I should be. I am a month away from finishing graduate school (a Masters at SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont) and the "home stretch" can really feel long. I'm worn out, ready to move on and be graduated, and I have 49 or 50 things done that need to get done.

I know that Leo is write with the small actions adding up over time, so I've been trying to do that. And it's been working. I have broken things down into pieces and tried not to take on too much at once.

I am really wanting to be finished today or tomorrow, so I'm diving in right now. Wish me luck!

Mission 5

Sea Change - Change Labs Journal Post 1

On Mindful Change

5/7/14 (edited 5/20/14)

Mission: Read and share your thoughts on how this relates to the problems you’ve shared in the initial questionnaire.


Why do I have these problems?

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