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On Hecho En

I've recently been playing around with this idea and am interested in peoples opinions and views on it. What would make us and the world a better place. If we saw ourselves the way that others see us? Or if others saw us the way we see ourselves? I side with the former. I believe that because of our nature and our longing to feel accepted, seeing ourselves how others see us whether good or bad would drive us to do better or be the way we wish they saw us (what we think we could be and long to be). Whereas, others seeing us the way we see ourselves already would leave less room for growth and possibly open room for decline or depression. Tell me what you think.

Why It Doesn't Matter Where You Travel

On Tynan

It turns out that sometimes, in South America, four hour bus rides take seven hours. And sometimes the air conditioning doesn't work, and it's the middle of the day in the summer. Today all of those things turned out to be true.

Unpleasant as the ride was, I found it relatively easy to focus on the positives. We were traveling for no good reason, which is always a nice thing to do, and the memory of being saturated in sweat in a moving kiln would fade.

But, actually, it ended up being a great bus ride. Those annoying kids who were kicking my seat turned out to be a team of 10 and 11 year old Taekwondo champions. They had just finished a tournament and were on their way back home to Argentina. And they turned out to be hilarious, friendly, and really good kids. And, hey, it's not like I never kicked seats as a kid.

They asked us a bunch of questions, practiced their English, told us about their Taekwondo, teased each other, and listened to the music on our phones. I was hesitant to play Lil Wayne for them, until I realized they couldn't understand a word he was saying.

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