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On Hecho En

I've recently been playing around with this idea and am interested in peoples opinions and views on it. What would make us and the world a better place. If we saw ourselves the way that others see us? Or if others saw us the way we see ourselves? I side with the former. I believe that because of our nature and our longing to feel accepted, seeing ourselves how others see us whether good or bad would drive us to do better or be the way we wish they saw us (what we think we could be and long to be). Whereas, others seeing us the way we see ourselves already would leave less room for growth and possibly open room for decline or depression. Tell me what you think.

Money and Power

On Honesty Honestly.

People love power, to have power you must have money.

We all love money, but spend money on love.

Would you go broke for love?

It all depends, is it the one you love or the thing you love.

What do you do when love destroys you?

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