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72 Hour Fast - Part 2

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

Here are the Twitter updates from the 72 hour period (and a little before). In a few days, I'll post up my reflections on what I learned, and plans for the future.

I'm anxious about fasting for 72 hours. I have 4 hours and 57 more minutes of foodtime left, and then nothing until Saturday. 7:03 PM Oct 28th

Just set up my phone. I will be constantly updating this twitter with how i feel during my 72 hour fast. Visit www.zaccohn.com to find more. 7:17 PM Oct 28th

is hungry and tired already... and he hasn't even begun his fast yet! This is going to suck. 9:30 PM Oct 28th

I'm home for the night. It's timeto pee, then start making the last supper. One hour and five minutes. 10:55 PM Oct 28th

The Bucket List


A long time ago I watched the TV-Show The Buried Life. It is an amazing show about a bunch of dudes that decided to go for it at start checking off their Bucket Lists. I decided to make my own. Ever since I have been working on crossing off items, my race against time and myself does not get easier from me constantly adding new items.

This Blog will keep you updated on my successes an failures (so far there's been a few, some of them even combined). I hope I will be able to Hyperlink the List so it will have link to blogposts as they pile up. I'll try to keep a weekly posting schedule so potential readers get their crack and inspiration and I keep myself going.

Well, here goes, the List as per April 18th 2014:

1. Build a House

2. Win a Freestyle Rap Competition

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