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A Serious Conversation with my Sister

On Tynan

[00:53] tynan: we're going to see another tribe called the Kuna Indians[00:53] tynan: they slaughter people if they sneeze![00:54] sister: WHA[00:54] sister: T[00:54] tynan: because it's against their religion[00:54] sister: WHAT[00:54] sister: OOH MY GODDDD[00:54] sister: i REALLY hope that you're not allergic to anything there[00:54] tynan: I doubt I am[00:54] tynan: a dozen tourists get killed every year[00:54] sister: what happens if a visitor sneezes[00:54] sister: SHUT UP[00:54] sister: are you lying????????[00:54] tynan: but they're on private property like the indian reservations[00:54] tynan: so the government doesn't do anything[00:54] sister: tynan stop lying to me[00:55] tynan: look it up[00:55] sister: you're serious?!!!!!!!!!!??[00:55] tynan: yes[00:55] sister: DONT GO[00:55] tynan: It will be fine[00:55] tynan: I haven't sneezed once since getting here[00:55] tynan: and they'd have to catch me[00:55] tynan: if I have to sneeze I'll just start running[00:55] sister: man what happens if someone is sick[00:56] sister: that sucks[00:56] tynan: I'm just kidding[00:56] tynan: hahahahaa[00:56] sister: GOD DAMNIT TY[00:56] sister: i'm on wiki right now

My Three Days at Vipassana

On Tynan

I first heard about Vipassana from Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer for Weezer. He was explaining that despite being a rock star, he was celibate because of Vipassana. Powerful stuff, I guess. He raved about the benefits of it, although I don't remember exactly what he said anymore. It stuck in my mind, and over the years I thought about signing up, but something always seemed to be in the way of me leaving society for ten days to learn how to meditate.

The idea is simple and extreme, both of which appealed to me. You go to a meditation center in the middle of nowhere, agree to be silent and without any contact with the other world for ten days. Then, on a donation only basis, they teach you how to meditate, which you do for ten hours each day.

Finally, after knowing about it for five years, I signed up and went to a course. No notepads were allowed in, so this is reconstructed pretty faithfully from memory.

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