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A Serious Conversation with my Sister

On Tynan

[00:53] tynan: we're going to see another tribe called the Kuna Indians[00:53] tynan: they slaughter people if they sneeze![00:54] sister: WHA[00:54] sister: T[00:54] tynan: because it's against their religion[00:54] sister: WHAT[00:54] sister: OOH MY GODDDD[00:54] sister: i REALLY hope that you're not allergic to anything there[00:54] tynan: I doubt I am[00:54] tynan: a dozen tourists get killed every year[00:54] sister: what happens if a visitor sneezes[00:54] sister: SHUT UP[00:54] sister: are you lying????????[00:54] tynan: but they're on private property like the indian reservations[00:54] tynan: so the government doesn't do anything[00:54] sister: tynan stop lying to me[00:55] tynan: look it up[00:55] sister: you're serious?!!!!!!!!!!??[00:55] tynan: yes[00:55] sister: DONT GO[00:55] tynan: It will be fine[00:55] tynan: I haven't sneezed once since getting here[00:55] tynan: and they'd have to catch me[00:55] tynan: if I have to sneeze I'll just start running[00:55] sister: man what happens if someone is sick[00:56] sister: that sucks[00:56] tynan: I'm just kidding[00:56] tynan: hahahahaa[00:56] sister: GOD DAMNIT TY[00:56] sister: i'm on wiki right now

Accessories - Hand my Bag


With winter poking its icy head around the corner it’s time to fight the frost by making a statement with your accessories. Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be dull and boring, this winter is all about experimenting with fabric. So I’ve put together a few of my favourite pieces of arm candy for AW13.

This year the winter season is all about punk, with tartan and spikes cropping up all over the catwalk. This tartan leather satchel is the perfect accessory to wear now with an autumn dress and tights or to team with a winter jumper to give your outfit an edge.

Asos - The Cambridge Satchel Company 15" Designer Tartan Leather Satchel - £140

Whether you love or loath it, leopard print is a fashion classic that finds its place in every season. This winter why not keep it classy with this cross-body bag from Michael Kors. It allows you to experiment with print without being over powering.

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