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Last Week

On Python Bake

The week has gone by and I have not met my goals. I spent only about 4 hours last week studying and working on exercises. Well short of my goal. Part of my problem is that my goal of building the app that I want seems further away now than when I started. This has led to a perfect excuse to stop studying. While I wish that I could report that I have been successful and that I have scaled all hurdles and met my goal, I didnt.

Everyone knows the cliche by now -- you control your own life. Every decision in the moment is your choice. Some decisions we make are conscious, others are on auto-drive. Many of my daily decisions fall into the latter category. This is one of my greatest weaknesses - most days I move through like a zombie. I follow a pattern that is destructive to my personal and professional goals:

Every day I have about 5 hours of free time after I arrive from work. It should be relatively simple to use that time to study and focus on my goals. While the schedule above doesn't reflect it, I do use that time sometime for other things as well, including, exercise and calling my family. Still, these activities rarely take up more than an hour, and definitely do not occur on a daily basis.

In some sense it is sad that this is only my fourth posting on this blog and two of them have been more negative than positive. Still this blog is not really about me learning to code. It is about my personal effort to overcome my natural tendency towards procrastination and my lack of self-discipline. This is a problem that I have been dealing with for a very long time in my life and while I have achieved some level of success, clearly if I procrastinated less, I would likely be more successful professionally, personally and financially.

The Bucket List


A long time ago I watched the TV-Show The Buried Life. It is an amazing show about a bunch of dudes that decided to go for it at start checking off their Bucket Lists. I decided to make my own. Ever since I have been working on crossing off items, my race against time and myself does not get easier from me constantly adding new items.

This Blog will keep you updated on my successes an failures (so far there's been a few, some of them even combined). I hope I will be able to Hyperlink the List so it will have link to blogposts as they pile up. I'll try to keep a weekly posting schedule so potential readers get their crack and inspiration and I keep myself going.

Well, here goes, the List as per April 18th 2014:

1. Build a House

2. Win a Freestyle Rap Competition

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