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My Mental Illness and Me...

On jstJSH

One night a few weeks ago I found the grasp of sleep once again elusive and turned to the comforting glow of the tellybox like so many do. It was the small hours of the morning where babes are at their station and drunken insomniacs are gambling on virtual roulette tables and phoning in late night quiz shows with wrong answers. Hopping from channel to channel I came across a documentary on Channel 4 entitled, 'Mad Confessions'.

Funny woman Ruby Wax was presenting the show, and I've always been a massive fan of her work, so I made a cuppa and nestled into my snuggie for an hour of early morning laughs and delight. Whilst the show was incredibly entertaining there was a very serious message. Here is the official channel 4 synopsis of the show:

Audiences remember Ruby Wax as the larger-than-life comedian. Now her career has taken a different turn: 'I've become the poster girl for mental health,' she says.

Building on the success of her mental health stage show, during which the audience is encouraged to speak openly about their own experiences, in this documentary Ruby campaigns to break down the stigma that still surrounds mental illness.

She wants to support people who choose to stand up and be honest about their condition, and follows three successful businesspeople as they disclose their mental illness to their employers and, in some cases, their friends.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Second Impression (I'm back^_^)

On The Rocky Road To Nihon

It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

2 weeks since the last post. Oh well, I'm not going to make any excuses, let's just go straight to the point, which is "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance".

I'm a subscriber to PS+, and I gotta admit, it's a lot more comfortable than going to a shop and buying a game. And It's also quite a deal, minding the fact that I wasn't so keen on the actual/last generation of consoles. Well, we do get a lot of good games every month, and by being a Vita owner too, I get +even more shit to play. But I digress. The new spin-off to the one of my favourite game series is a really, and I mean a really great game. It's made by Platinum Games, the creators of Bayonetta and many other great titles, and it does deliver a giant dose of adrenaline. If I was to explain that game in one sentence, it would be "Holy, fucking, shit.". This game is the definition of cheesy, comic book and internet awesome. We have everything here. Cyborg Ninja Warriors, Giant Robots, Swords, Epic Bosses and a security guard otaku. The graphics? Top Notch. I was amazed, that PS3 can pull something like that off. It was running mostly in 60 FPS, I experienced slowdowns in really intense moments (And I mean Intense to the power of intense) and I had a script freeze that forced me to do a Boss Battle once again, but these things didn't ruin the experience for me.

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