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The world's simplest decision-making system

On The Best of Sett

This might relieve a lot of headaches for you in day to day life:

Consider a binary system for making any decision:

Would I sleep with that girl, yes or no?

Most guys have a scale of one to ten.

The binary system: 1/0. Yes, no?

No Game No Life Review

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Overall, the Spring anime season of 2014 was my favorite! So many good animes aired that season. I will eventually review all the animes I liked from that season, but, for today, I will review No Game No Life by Madhouse.


No Game No Life was an anime adaptation by Madhouse of a light novel by the name of Noge Nora by Yu Kamiya. Before the anime adaptation, there was a manga adaptation by Yu Kamiya in collaboration with Mashiro Hiiragi as an illustrator. Trivia: Yu Kamiya is married to Mashiro Hiigari!!

Yu Kamiya:

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