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A Raw and Vulnerable Moment: The Hugalopes Story

On DROdio

Jazz Tigan, the creator of Hugalopes (a "fuzzy Mr. Potato Head" plush toy) and I sat down to discuss entrepreneurism, knowledge sharing, hyper efficiency on a computer, the Socialize acquisition and many other topics in this wide ranging chat.

But the most incredible moment of our talk happened in the last 10 minutes.

In fact, it's so significant that I created a separate sub-video below to capture this moment.

Here's the back-story:

Sexuality and The Church* (By a slightly confused Christian).

On Pub Culture

Let me preface this post by saying I feel this topic has been far too prominent in recent times in terms of western Christianity's focus on it. This I think is true regardless your stance on the link between morality and sexuality. I'm no Roman Catholic but the new pope and I see eye to eye on that particular thought.


The guy is growing on me.

With that in mind, I still felt the need to delve deeper into the topic. I have (and had) friends, gay and bi, who've had a pretty rough experiences with church, some of which in fact would have once called themselves Christians. This is a large part of my motivation.

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