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30 day nerd Challenge!!

On AwkwardAardvarks

Ok, Im absolutly terrible at these for two reasons: I cant pick favorites or least favorites, and I never remember to do one each day... Ill try my best... here are the questions...

Day 1 - Favorite super heroDay 2 - Favorite super villainDay 3 - Favorite sci-fi or fantasy TV showDay 4 - All time favorite sci-fi filmDay 5 - Most hated sci-fi filmDay 6 - All time favorite fantasy filmDay 7 - Most hated fantasy filmDay 8 - Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy TV showDay 9 - Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy filmDay 10 - Favorite animeDay 11 - An obscure movie, video game, or TV quoteDay 12 - Favorite geek-nerd memeDay 13 - Favorite comic book Day 14 - Favorite online comicDay 15 - Favorite nerd foodDay 16 - Favorite nerd beverageDay 17 - Favorite celebrity nerdDay 18 - Favorite nerd websiteDay 19 - Favorite podcastDay 20 - Favorite console video game Day 21 - Favorite PC video gameDay 22 - Favorite arcade gameDay 23 - Favorite table top gameDay 24 - Favorite thing about being a nerdDay 25 - Least favorite thing about being a nerdDay 26 - Describe your nerd shame (something all nerds should do, but you don't)Day 27 - The least nerdy thing about youDay 28 - Favorite piece of geeky techDay 29 - Post your computer specs or a picture of your computer set up.Day 30 - Post a picture of you doing something that epitomizes your nerdiness.

If any one wants to do it with me... or if they dont want to... they still can... XD I think ill start it tomorrow!!

30 Day Nerd Challenge

On AwkwardAardvarks

Ok this challenge thing is really repetitive. Every one so far has been something about a favorite or lest favorite sci-fi or fantasy thing... So Im gonna skip to day 10

Day 10 - Favorite anime

Honestly... Im just now getting into anime... well unless you count Code Lyoko... I've seen every episode of that at least 10 times XD But recently I've started watching Fairy Tail!! I love it!! Ive also tried watching Soul Eater... but that was a bit too much for me lol I just couldn't sit through it. I mean it wasn't even scary It was just weird! But I also like Dragon Ball Z a bit!!

So Im obviously an anime noob... If you have any suggestions for me Id love to watch them!! I really like the style of anime, I just don't have time to watch any of it. But I think im gonna start watching Bleach and Attack on Titan soon!!

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