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Can anime teaches us anything new?

On Brian Hermelijn - Personal Development.

Every time when you tell someone that you watch anime, you get the reaction, what really? You watch anime? Anime of all things? It’s like they do not expect you to watch anime or you’re doing something bad for watching anime. Is it really wrong to watch? That’s the question I came to every time when someone reacts that way.

After all, anime is the same way as novels. Some of the shows even go as far to show history of mankind. And from what I have seen, there are many advices we can take from anime alone. Here is a list of what I learned from anime.

1. Motivation

One of the main shows that boosted my confidence was Hajime no Ippo. Without spoiling the story too much, it was about a teenage boy that was getting bullied. And then later on he learned boxing, and started boxing. He didn’t know he had such talent.

30 Day Nerd Challenge

On AwkwardAardvarks

Ok this challenge thing is really repetitive. Every one so far has been something about a favorite or lest favorite sci-fi or fantasy thing... So Im gonna skip to day 10

Day 10 - Favorite anime

Honestly... Im just now getting into anime... well unless you count Code Lyoko... I've seen every episode of that at least 10 times XD But recently I've started watching Fairy Tail!! I love it!! Ive also tried watching Soul Eater... but that was a bit too much for me lol I just couldn't sit through it. I mean it wasn't even scary It was just weird! But I also like Dragon Ball Z a bit!!

So Im obviously an anime noob... If you have any suggestions for me Id love to watch them!! I really like the style of anime, I just don't have time to watch any of it. But I think im gonna start watching Bleach and Attack on Titan soon!!

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