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A Serious Conversation with my Sister

On Tynan

[00:53] tynan: we're going to see another tribe called the Kuna Indians[00:53] tynan: they slaughter people if they sneeze![00:54] sister: WHA[00:54] sister: T[00:54] tynan: because it's against their religion[00:54] sister: WHAT[00:54] sister: OOH MY GODDDD[00:54] sister: i REALLY hope that you're not allergic to anything there[00:54] tynan: I doubt I am[00:54] tynan: a dozen tourists get killed every year[00:54] sister: what happens if a visitor sneezes[00:54] sister: SHUT UP[00:54] sister: are you lying????????[00:54] tynan: but they're on private property like the indian reservations[00:54] tynan: so the government doesn't do anything[00:54] sister: tynan stop lying to me[00:55] tynan: look it up[00:55] sister: you're serious?!!!!!!!!!!??[00:55] tynan: yes[00:55] sister: DONT GO[00:55] tynan: It will be fine[00:55] tynan: I haven't sneezed once since getting here[00:55] tynan: and they'd have to catch me[00:55] tynan: if I have to sneeze I'll just start running[00:55] sister: man what happens if someone is sick[00:56] sister: that sucks[00:56] tynan: I'm just kidding[00:56] tynan: hahahahaa[00:56] sister: GOD DAMNIT TY[00:56] sister: i'm on wiki right now

Getting something more valuable out of an MMO

On StratX

I think there are some things that transcend the digital rewards you can obtain in MMOs, that strikes a balance between your moods, what you like in games, what you want out of it and what the content offers.

Take +Elfrick Mendez recent Post about the Fate/Stay Night reboot. Upon watching it made me feel that the way Age of Wushu does combat can(and mostly does) really capture that disconnect between watching cool, over-the-top, flashy, Kung Fu fight scenes, and actually playing the part, and performing those moves. Thus being in your own, awesome Anime or Kung Fu movie.

Just something I really like about Age of Wushu that is partly about immersion and how one feels about the game and what they want out of a game. Also, to me, the move toward sanctioned, 1v1 dueling and the heightened interest it creates in friendly 1v1 duels was a good move.

That is placing a high value on content that a player can use to increasingly enjoy the content and actually just play and enjoy a game without the stigma of "work" "grind" or "rewards", although there's plenty of that to discuss about Age of Wushu. This is just an "end result" I'm talking about.

An important thing to note here is that Age of Wushu doesn't just have you Tab-target, press a button and watch. That is in the equation, but what is deeper is that combat is reactive and situational in the way a fighting game, like Street Fighter is. You have to move, time and most importantly balance those two things between categories of skill-sets and categories of parries, overts and feints that are made up of all those different skills and skill-sets. The player really is performing the dance.

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