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30 Day Nerd Challenge

On AwkwardAardvarks

Ok this challenge thing is really repetitive. Every one so far has been something about a favorite or lest favorite sci-fi or fantasy thing... So Im gonna skip to day 10

Day 10 - Favorite anime

Honestly... Im just now getting into anime... well unless you count Code Lyoko... I've seen every episode of that at least 10 times XD But recently I've started watching Fairy Tail!! I love it!! Ive also tried watching Soul Eater... but that was a bit too much for me lol I just couldn't sit through it. I mean it wasn't even scary It was just weird! But I also like Dragon Ball Z a bit!!

So Im obviously an anime noob... If you have any suggestions for me Id love to watch them!! I really like the style of anime, I just don't have time to watch any of it. But I think im gonna start watching Bleach and Attack on Titan soon!!

No Game No Life Review

On Thumpedia

Overall, the Spring anime season of 2014 was my favorite! So many good animes aired that season. I will eventually review all the animes I liked from that season, but, for today, I will review No Game No Life by Madhouse.


No Game No Life was an anime adaptation by Madhouse of a light novel by the name of Noge Nora by Yu Kamiya. Before the anime adaptation, there was a manga adaptation by Yu Kamiya in collaboration with Mashiro Hiiragi as an illustrator. Trivia: Yu Kamiya is married to Mashiro Hiigari!!

Yu Kamiya:

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