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I Can Use Your Feedback This Time

On Shout Out

I wanted to make some designs that were similar to the last ones I made since they were so popular. I used some of the feedback I got and changed a few things around about them, and this is what became of it. What do you think? Maybe I can use your feedback this time around and create some more new designs.

Embroidered polo shirt with classic LJCSC logo by "chipNboots" See other embroidered shirts on Zazzle

Personalized Blue Stainless Steel Architect Mug by "cutencomfy" View cool coffee mugs at zazzle.com

Dog Treat Cookie Jar Candy Jar by "idesigncafe" Look at more candy jars on Zazzle

Super Papa Red White and Blue T-shirts by "JerryLambert" Check out other fathers day gift ideas on Zazzle.com

"Without worry, you have nothing to worry about."

On The Words of Focus Project

Picture is: The wonderful and occassionally spooky stairs to my neighbourhood


Good news, I just lost my shirt.

I like that shirt. Despite the fact that it almost always stinks (one day I will care enough to fix the issue that I perpetually stink), it's got an awesome design and it just to happens to perfectly match my ilumina bracelet.

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