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The New Jersey of Asia


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Vietnam Part 2: More General Impressions


Vietnamese people are also by and large, as warm and friendly as their Mekong delta neighbors. Seen loy (excuse me)and gam un (thank you) gets you quite far. In case you're wondering about the war, no bad feelings towards Americans have been harbored for decades. I had lunch with a veteran who recounted his memories of being shocked at how nicely he was treated by former infantry of the North just a few years when he returned to Vietnam. They aren't fond of the Chinese, but that's due to their government's human rights violations, and honestly who supports that shit, aside from all of us who buy Chinese products indirectly...

You'll find a significant number of taxi drivers that deserve to have been Mengele experiments in any country but these subhuman pieces of shit are much easier to deal with in Vietnam than in Korea. Mai Linh, Vinasun, and Vinataxi are reputable companies that are everywhere- except the airport. My worst encounter was with a belligerent taxi driver locking the doors on me and some other clueless Chinese fuck and demanding the standard 200k VND/pax airport rate after midnight. He locked the doors on me after I refused to pay, eventually getting out of the car to open the door and negotiate me to 150k. I was about ready to pay when I saw him pull out the incorrect amount of change. I gave him what I owed and walked away. He cursed at me a few times before getting back in his meaningless life.

By paying tourist prices you inflate the economy, fucking shit up for everyone, locals included. The only ones that gain are the guy laughing at you as you walk away and your narcissistic ego. You're not a humanitarian, just a coward and a fool.

North or South?

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