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OKCupid Chronicles: The Other Side

What can you expect out of OKCupid in Korea as a woman? From what I've observed, the female OKC experience goes like this:

You put a lot of time making your profile sound interesting but aloof enough to imply that you're only looking for some attention to validate you, not an actual human connection (because you're smart, sexy, and above online dating). If you're straight, all your answers are honest except for body type, because your subconscious knows that that's a deal breaker for any man worth his salt.

First come the Indians. Unintelligible messages from troglodytic hair-beasts asking you to sex or marry them from thousands of miles away. This is novel at first, until the too-old-for-that-tan losers message you, along with the Will Clearly Fuck Anything That Moves guys. After about a week, you change the answers to the sex questions to make yourself seem less easy.

If you can weather the onslaught of the horde of Indian men who subsist on rape like a barnacle on plankton, in time you might meet someone like the charmer below, who accounts for not one, but two horror stories in the Korea expat dating scene. Enjoy!

Names have been changed to protect the identities of girls who let me touch their vaginae. Both girls are directing the messages to me, and edited for redundancy.

Walmart Failed in Korea Because of a Lack of Walking Around


Y'know, you can read all the case studies you want. It's hard to fully understand international business without going to different countries and walking around.

So, let's talk business and walking around. I was in Seoul, South Korea for a month last summer.

I came to like Korean culture a lot. Koreans are some of the strongest, proudest people I've come across. They manage to combine a strong warrior culture with the utmost civility, order, cleanliness, and quality of life.

It's pretty incredible, actually. Many societies with a strong militant, warrior feeling about them descend into kind of a barbaric police state sort of vibe, constant terror in the air.

Korea? Nope. The men are proud, masculine, patriot, somewhat militant, but in a good way. There's a mix of strong, expansive, traditional values, along with a large minority undercurrent of modernity. It's really good - it's the best of all possible worlds. There's problems - the blatant racism and xenophobia kind of sucks, but I don't mind it so much. Nowhere's perfect.

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