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The Adventure Continues

American in Busan, which later became American in Korea was a 2 year writing exercise that garnered more notoriety than I had ever expected. The persona of Fratty Duckleford was fun to write, drawing influences from Gaijin Smash, Tucker Max, Maddox, and other early internet fratire and fratire-adjacent bloggers. Once the notoriety of American in Korea peaked when it got on national Korean TV channel, MBC it didn't take long before a social justice warrior from my teaching cohort tattled to EPIK on me, revealing my identity to the administrators, not that I kept it a secret. I spent my second year in Korea in the countryside of Changnyeong in solitude, having to bus 40 minutes to Daegu to pursue debauchery, but also spending a lot more time reading and introspecting.

Look, there's a lot that's happened between then and now, about 7 years worth of living in Queens, so I'll just sum it up.

1. I'm a pole dancer, and I go by Asian SweetBoy

2. I go to orgies every week or so

3. I also do adult performances on live stream, but mostly hidden behind my Onlyfans page.

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