American [no longer] In Korea

The New Jersey of Asia


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Taking a break for vacation

This time it's Vietnam. Not the scenic, moderate climate of the North. I'm going to the blistering hot, scummy, city of thieves in the South. Ho Chi Minh City has a dozen restaurants of interest in District 1 alone, and I intend to eat exclusively at dirty stalls, ankle deep in discarded shrimp carcasses for a few nights with the Couchsurfing hosts I've arranged. After that it's off to Hoi An for some beach R&R.


haven' eaten all day ,

and I'm not getting in until 2. I'm really looking forward to my first bowl of pho after enduring months of food crime in Korea.

Will I make it back with crazy stories,? Probably : Tramadol is OTC here, and she and I like to have fun.

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