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The Best Rimjob I Ever Gave

Faced with a 1 year sentence to the countryside after getting dumped right before my birthday, my prospects for 2013 were not looking good. 2012 was a good year for dick and pussy in my face ( 0 dicks), but I didn't end strong. Instead, I chose to not cheat on my future ex-girlfriend. At the start of this year, I moved from the city to the country, and I decided to lower my expectations rather than my standards. Most of the people I met in town were toothless drunks, which was slightly less attractive than the local talent on OkCupid. I've used websites to hook up before- my first time using OkCupid to meet someone, it went as well as all you can eat Mexican food can get, and soon lead to my first ex-girlfriend in Korea. The experience was satisfying enough to keep me trawling for gap on the internet. And then I found some.

Her profile didn't have a picture, only a lengthy plea for lengthy dick. I empathized with her story, having lived a version of it my junior year: Long-distance open relationship, hasn't had a dick inside her for 3 months. I chatted her up about things like Haruki Murakami and two weeks later we are exchanging pictures of her vibrators and having conversations of this nature:

9:36pm, May 20, 2013, Sliz : I came so hard

9:36pm, May 20, 2013, Sliz : my pussy is still contracting

Video of the Week: Don ' t Play That Song For Me

On Where Pianos Roam

First off, I've typically posted my Video of the Week segment on Fridays.  Due to timing issues, this segment will now be posted on Mondays.  (Besides, people should do more outdoor frolicking on weekends anyway.) Now, on with the goods .  .  . A couple of days ago, my friend Wes out in Asheville  sent over a youtube video of Aretha Franklin singin' like crazy and playing on a  piano.   (Thanks Wes!!)  It's an awesome slice of music history.  She is, after all, one of the all-time greatest female vocalists. Not many people know that she also happens to be a very skilled pianist.  This clip shows her talents in full force--brazen, captivating, fun, and singing her heart out. I do love me some Aretha .  .  .  . [youtube=] HHHmmmmm .  .  . now, if you wan't to see something a little kooky, just click HERE and press "Play" when you get there. Now I'm heading out for some much needed R&R! -g

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