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Dirty South Part 2: District Gay/ Texas Street

  We'd actually walked through this area during the day once. It was pretty heterosexual fora back alley aside from a few signs that wouldn't be obviously gay to Koreans. There weren't any guys trying to hustle or directions to the nearest glory hole.

The first bar of the night was Banana. We heard this place gives you a banana with each drink and I find that to be hilarious. Cum took a deep breath and opened the door. I'll be damned if it wasn't the classiest gay bar I've ever been in. Very well put together with tasteful art and a lacquer black color scheme. There was an aquarium with angel fish, dim lights and lasers, and somehow even the stripper pole on the bar seemed to fit. You could tell this bar drew a more sophisticated crowd, and not ten minutes after we sat down, they walked in. Two were businessmen who looked like they just got out of work, two looked like a couple, and the other three were a bit more flaming.

The bartender spoke very good, very gay English, and gave us a gay guide to not only Busan, but all of Korea. I was surprised at how many gay Karaokes, gay “one shot” (liquor) bars, gay Soju bars, gay DVD rooms (hook up spots), and gay bathhouses they managed to cram into this barren looking back alley.

The Best Rimjob I Ever Gave

On The Best of Sett

Faced with a 1 year sentence to the countryside after getting dumped right before my birthday, my prospects for 2013 were not looking good. 2012 was a good year for dick and pussy in my face ( 0 dicks), but I didn't end strong. Instead, I chose to not cheat on my future ex-girlfriend. At the start of this year, I moved from the city to the country, and I decided to lower my expectations rather than my standards. Most of the people I met in town were toothless drunks, which was slightly less attractive than the local talent on OkCupid. I've used websites to hook up before- my first time using OkCupid to meet someone, it went as well as all you can eat Mexican food can get, and soon lead to my first ex-girlfriend in Korea. The experience was satisfying enough to keep me trawling for gap on the internet. And then I found some.

Her profile didn't have a picture, only a lengthy plea for lengthy dick. I empathized with her story, having lived a version of it my junior year: Long-distance open relationship, hasn't had a dick inside her for 3 months. I chatted her up about things like Haruki Murakami and two weeks later we are exchanging pictures of her vibrators and having conversations of this nature:

9:36pm, May 20, 2013, Sliz : I came so hard

9:36pm, May 20, 2013, Sliz : my pussy is still contracting

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