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Finding happiness in Korea

is like raping a hooker in a port o potty. Technically you're getting laid but you're still encased in a shitty, poorly insulated plastic box, bathing in the smell of digested food, and what awful lengths you had to go through to get there.

Looking back on this blog makes me laugh. A constant barrage of observational filth (the eye is stained by what it sees) interspersed by my snapshots of my happiest times ( food,sex, exploring myself basically). I don't know if this is some backwards rationalization, ego-defense-mechanism, but when I think about the last two years, I mostly remember the good stuff. The bad stuff I remember too, but my mind relabels them as merely funny.

I moved from the most desirable-to-live city in Korea to a farm town that a lot of Koreans don't even know exist. It could have gone really bad, but it didn't. Part of this is because I got really, really good at snatching snatch without a wingman out of necessity. Part of this is also because I got a huge raise with a huge decrease in job stress. But the biggest part of this was because of my attitude. Of course I did a lot of venting which turned into mad rants, maybe more than most. But only when the pressure valve needed release- when other sources of negativity started to infect me, I bolted. I'm not saying that people here don't have reason to complain- I'm saying whether or not they're justified is moot, either way it feeds itself and wasn't doing me any good.

How did I get through a year in the Korean country side without blowing my brains out? I think most people medicate with drugs and alcohol. One young Brit guy in my hood was caught with an impressive smorgasbord of psychedelics and made headlines. Another Canadian man who'd been at the same school for 9 years drank his way into rehab, and did not. Both are now in their respective countries, one facing a legal battle, the other in rehab. I'm not one to judge people for their vices, but this country is an awful place for either vice. Drugs are scarce and expensive ($100 for 1 pill of E), and Korean alcohol? Let's just say that buying me a Cass will triple your chances of me pressing charges after you date rape me.

I'll never get outta this world alive...

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