American [no longer] In Korea

The New Jersey of Asia


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Expat Finances 201: Investing With Taxable Accounts

This is the second article in a series of personal finance and investment articles mainly for American expats, though domestic residents and non-Americans will find it useful as well.

101 is a foundation for everyone, but particularly useful to those with student loans or other debt

201 is a primer to investment for those with no debt, or with savings of less than $10,000

Better Than Your Savings Account

On Minimalist Wealth

Ask yourself: “Why is my bank better than the other banks?” If you don’t really know, you are missing out on free money, plain and simple. So what should you look for in a better savings account?

A good savings account will have (ranked loosely in order of importance):

No Fees- particularly monthly maintenance, incoming wire, other ATM fees etc.

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