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In Transit / Day 0

“You're still over.”

The red digits flashed 60.1 before it just said fuck it and switched to “WEIGHT OVR”. I had a 32 liter steel-frame backpack, a leather messenger bag, and two suitcases. That's all it took to fit my entire life inside, though to be honest, it was my entire life plus it's weight in crap I wouldn't care about if they lost it. The books and almonds alone took up twenty pounds, and then there were the shoes I forgot, which my friend generously drove back to me. I'm leaving the country indefinitely though, today I get to be a hoarder.

Before boarding the plane, Virgin America asked me to check one of my carry-ons to make room in the fully booked flight. Martyr that I am, I agreed, unknowingly. I realized it at SFO after I had left the security checkpoint for my connecting flight at the international terminal. I spent the next hour hobbled in pain from the stress and probably the cat fish po'boy I'd had as a last meal in [redacted]. A few calls later and a Virgin employee was hand delivering my bag. It's nice to be present-minded, but luck ain't a bad substitute.

From SFO, the flight to Incheon Airport (Seoul) was only twelve hours- pretty damn good for anybody who's had to cross the Pacific. Unfortunately, waiting at the airport for me was a four hour bus ride to our orientation at Jeonju University. And the strap on my leather laptop bag broke, so there goes my luck.

It's past midnight when we arrive at our dorms. Somehow, the lobby feels colder than the freezing outdoors.

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