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Shy Guy / Deceiving Appearances

Shy Guy / Deceiving Appearances

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Mary told me that one of the homeroom teachers was very interested in having me meet her son. I don't have any reason to interact with the homeroom teachers much, or the capability for that matter. Many adults do not have even basic English speaking skills...sadly this is true for the kids as well. I think the biggest reason for why English education is so lacking in this country is the crippling shyness of most of the students once they start to hit middle school. This is tied in with the bigger picture of the Korean culture of Saving Face as well as conformity. That discussion warrants a post of its own.

So come 4:30, the Two nice ladies, gym-teacher-bro and I are chilling out in the coffee/tea/candy half of our big shared classroom office when Mary walks in. Oh right, I had a play date coerced on me today. Right on, let's go.

Standing there in the second floor class room is that cheery homeroom teacher that wants to know me so much but can't speak a lick of English. Sitting on a desk is her son, a young man that looks as quiet as he sounds, with a mouth full of braces. I shake his hand the impolite way, but he's so deferring that it doesn't register. “Hi, I'm Xin. Nice to meet you.” “ah...Hi......I am shimhaechul...”

This article changed my life

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I did not write this. But it changed my life. It's about social interaction, for the socially retarded. Like me. Like other aspies I suppose.

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