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Lost in Translaysh / Chupa Chups

A while back I met this Korean woman while dancing, I think she was 28 or 29. We had a few beers together, and I thought she was pretty cool, if not desperately horny in the "I'm acutely aware of my age and lack of options" way.

We stopped being friends last night when she uploaded a picture of a Costco bag of Tootsie Pops and wrote "Some candy for my students!"

If you've been spared from the agonizing disappointment of eating a Tootsie Pop, consider yourself lucky. Anyone with an oral fixation that's been in Korea longer than two days knows that Chupa Chups is a far superior sucker to Tootsie turd ass shit pops. About half of the carbs I eat in a day come from Chupa Chups. My tongue is in a D/s relationship with Chupa Chups. I'll suck and fuck ten Chupa Chups out of a Chinese person's vagina before I debase myself with a Tootsie Pop, which is basically a black baby dick sized piece of dog shit wrapped in fiberglass.

I would post the picture, but I can't because this retard defriended me over this sarcastic comment:

"You must hate your students to give them such shitty candy."

How a Korean Teacher Gets Fired

On The Best of Sett

I have the displeasure of working 'with' this piece of shit ajeosshi. He doesn't have the stereotypical slant eyes, balding hair, wrinkled skin, dead tooth, and despite being blessed with all the properties of a normal human, he still manages to be one of the most repulsive organisms I have ever seen. When he showed up late and then left our class, I was fucking pissed, but I realize that his absence is a blessing now. I am as grateful for it as I am for the rise of the sun and the statute of limitations.

The school knows how much he sucks so they've had him teaching music for the last two years to a class that's 50% mentally retarded. It's their idea of damage control, akin to the USSR pouring concrete over Chernobyl, and it's not a bad one. Retards don't have a chance in this society.

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