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Backwards Angels

I've noticed as often as each week a pattern developing in my weekly routine. It began with having a playlist of songs. It usually reflected the workweek ahead. Now the pattern has morphed into weekly themes that not only include music but also images, attitudes, cravings, styles and entertainment from books and articles to movies.

This week, March 10-14th, 2014, the theme I've become attracted to for some reason is Angels. I am not a religious person and have very limited knowledge on the subject. The Angels I imagine are not related to god or the idea of god in any way. I see them as sort of confidants that are objective in their opinions and are sort of light visual reflections of each persons conscience. The Angel is this light being inside of you that is supportive of your dreams and can be a comforting image that dispels warm easy energy. I know how silly this all sounds, if it helps cover the word Angel or replace it with something like frog.

So a little while back I found a bunch of cheap Angel ornaments at Goodwill and decided to get them. I figured I would use them in an art project or something. Now I have them in an alter piece on my book shelf and have sort of made them visible throughout my home, work and pocket. They are generally women and pretty nymphette's in white robes. A few of them have wings and sparkles. My favorite one has no wings and short blonde hair and is bending backwards playing a horn. It looks as though it is celebrating. As I was leaving yesterday I accidentally knocked it over and it's hands shattered. Now it is bending backwards with two nubs in the air. Needless to say it is now has a completely different narrative.

Some songs I've been listening to this week:

Why I Won't Quit, And Other Responses to Last Week's Comments

On Tynan

I've been really surprised to see some of the responses that have come in on last weeks post about me quitting. In particular, I'm shocked at how many people think it's okay, or even best, to quit.

I can only assume that I did a poor job explaining why I'm getting back into pickup, because I can't imagine anyone in their right mind thinking it's okay to quit given the actual situation. So, first a recap of why I'm doing this, and then a specific response to why I won't quit, which I hope will make sense given the context, and then a few other comments on people's replies.

Why I'm Doing This

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