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Ideally I want the rest of my life to be extremely different.

I was thinking about how different people's lives are or can be. How some people right now are travelling the world on a shoestring, while others staying at classy restuarants and places. Some people wake up everyday training to stay on top of their sport or passion, other are busy building multinational business empires. Others want to live a bohemian, laid-back life surrounded by close friends, family music, art and peace. Others are adrenaline junkies constantly seeking the next high. The amount of lives, passions, focuses are so wildly diverse its utterly insane. Yet, if you think about it, the majority of people live the same lives following in similar environemnts, with similar interests, for most of their life.

Most people might undergo 1 or two major shifts in perspective and priority. I've met many who grew up being rebels, but ended up conforming, some who have been the opposite. Some who have been nerds and socially awkward become social butterflies and urbane. Some people who hate music, or computers or sports for whatever reason might take it up after becoming friends with certain people of the sort.

One of the things thats has always amazed me is how you can read about how some people were living seemingly mundane or predictable lives. They had the same beliefs, underwent the same routines or frequented the same places, and suddenly it all changes. A trip to Thailand, a romantic relationship, Getting fired from a job. Sometimes these events, ethier through a sort of nessecity is the mother of innovation, force one, or sometimes ease one, into drastic change. suddenly they are, quite literally, living vastly different lives. beliefs change, passion change, sometimes location can change. Its as if said person became someone else. This is where I feel I am .

I look at these people and so just how drastic these things can be. Tynan saying yes to project hollywood, what a crazy decision that probably changed his day to day life drastically and literally made him sink into a "new life" then, life nomadic. I look at my life for the last couple of years and see how even though I've had amazing experiences, non of them are "new" in a way. I've had a great time drinking and partying with friends, eating amazing food, watching great movies, and doing the occasional travelling here and there. and while each time it is different, it isn't that different.

I think about stuff that is really different, I think to myself what if I learned to how to sail a boat and just became part of a sailing crew in the mediterrenean for a bit? what if I took some time off and just became a beach bum and learned to surf really well? What if I took up kendo? or just moved to another country, disconnected from the world, and forced myself to make new friends and take up a job I've never done before, like say, bartending, or a tour guide?

My Favorite Book

On Ideas

Over the years everyone gets asked the same mundane questions revolving around what is your favorite book, movie, band, song, video game etc.. For most of the things stated I don't have concrete answers. I will definitely tell you one of my favorite movies is City of God  and that Red Hot Chilli Peppers is one of my favorite bands, but depending on my mood, the context, and overall experience with movies or music, my opinion can change. But when it comes to books, my favorite is unchanging

The book I'm talking about is Vagabonding by Rolf Potts.  Vagabonding is the book that has had the most effect on my outlook, thoughts, and values. First and foremost, Rolf Potts is humble, he doesn't brag or rub it in your face how much he's traveled or all the crazy adventures he has had. Rather he mentions them to inspire and evoke the same feelings he must have felt while living through it. what's amazing about Rolf Pott's advice is how it can be integrated into your everyday life easily and flawlessly. His advice on how to deal with culture shock, his views on working, and his mentality for dealing with the good and bad really hit home on how one should live their life all the time.  But his strongest advice comes from two simple words. SLOW DOWN! (I'll probably write and article on this subject one of these days) these two words, implemented everyday will have a dramatic effect on your life. Too many people live their lives hectically and all over the place, in an unnecessary haste that actually brings about no significant improvements over doing things in a more simple manner.

Most of all the book really inspires you to travel. The way I think about it, this world is to huge and filled with too many adventures to be stuck in one place. Cultures, languages, food, perceptions, are so wide and varied that by staying at home or in one country you only "read one chapter" (as one of the quotes Rolf Potts uses in the book). Before I read this book my life mostly revolved around the concept of me growing up, getting a normal job, and then staying at home playing video games, watching TV, and doing exercise. Life just didn't seem that bad, and I have never been the type of person that likes to waste money haphazardly. This book had a profound effect on me. It made me think about what other possibilities lie out there that I wasn't taking advantage, how the small aspects of travel, the people, the environments, the awkward experiences, the combination of just being surrounded by a completely new place and leaving everything behind, would allow me to venture far past my comfort-zone and give me the power to create my own reality.

for those of you who haven't read this truly amazing book, I suggest you buy it NOW. If you have thought about traveling but never really found the motivation too this book will  help you. And even if you never plan on travelling, the  books premise, concepts and advice can easily be applied to a life anywhere.

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