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National Novel Writing Month

I am attempting to write a novel in the course of November. 50,000 words. That's 1,667 a day. I will probably be updating once a day, every day, so the cutoffs might not make a lot of sense-a day's writing may not be an entire scene. Here is day one: 1,779 words.

Jason Darling in: Forbidden Fruit

All but one of the fruits in this story are real. Everything else is fictional.

Jason Darling held the peach gingerly in his fingers. Trying though he was to be delicate, his thumb was almost piercing its skin. It was so ripe as to be almost rotten-its scent was already powerful enough to be smelled from several aisles over in the bustling marketplace, if you had a nose for that sort of thing, which Jason prided himself on having. His crooked, Semitic nose nicely matched his crooked, mischievous grin. He raised it to his lips, closing his eyes and inhaling the almost alcoholic smell. The old fruit vendor smiled an almost-toothless grin and said something which roughly translates as “Yes, you must appreciate her romance!” Jason nodded, not opening his eyes, and pushed the fruit into his mouth. It immediately exploded in juices, filling his mouth and dripping down his chin. The flavors were powerfully, sickly sweet. His earlier estimation was right; pungent alcohol vapors were already starting to form. A few more days and a few more peaches and it could get you drunk. He bit into the fruit, his teeth stopping just shy of the pit, and pulled the fruit away and sucked the flesh into his mouth with a twisting motion of his wrist. He stopped chewing and let it savor, unspoilt, on his tongue, for a few long moments, and then began to chew it slowly, appreciating the ease with which the textures morphed from one to another, releasing even more juices that he eagerly swallowed. He breathed in, swallowed his bite, and breathed out through his nose. An old sommelier’s trick, this coats the throat with the flavor and then the breath picks it up and pushes it through the nose, hitting the olfactory organs in the opposite order than sniffing it, and giving a unique, nasal quality that you can’t get elsewise. He sighed in contentment and opened his eyes.

“I’ll take them all. Do you have any prepared seeds?”

My first book review

On The Hilarious Seahorse

We can't all look like Kim Novak and other beautiful actresses...but we can still appreciate the love lives they experienced...

If a fantasy is yours...who would play in it? Here's my choices! Remember who was dancing with Kim in this movie???

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