Memes are people; humans aren't


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Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!

There's been a lot of talk about the idea of doing a practical career vs doing one you're passionate about. Beyond the point that the kind of career considered "practical" in our parent's day doesn't really exist any more, I think that perhaps I can rephrase this as something that draws a more important distinction.

I think that the practical vs passionate choice is a false one. All that practical means, or should mean, is that you can make a living off of it-if you want to get all ethical, you could add "without hurting other people" to that. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people cram a lot of other considerations in there when deciding what does or should count as a practical/respectable/whatever, and most of those don't have anything to do with how useful the job is to apes, or how beneficial it is to the ape/meme-creature performing the job, they're all about the meme-creatures causing the apes to criticize it.

It is a definite fact that people perform jobs they're passionate about better than ones they aren't. If they're sufficiently apathetic about it, they might even produce negative value at it-see the characters in Dilbert. But a passionate person will make a huge difference at whatever they're doing. The problem is that apes don't tend to be passionate about the things the meme-creatures running society want them to be. While meme-creatures can stir up passions, they also often cannot. Our animal passions rule us as often as not.

Here's an example of something that apes are big into but a lot of meme-creatures are opposed to: consensual, harmless, frequent, frivolous sex. Man apes love having sex. Meme-creatures often try to exploit this, but seem to have a strange tendency to oppose it. Maybe it's because they don't reproduce sexually? Anyways, this results in a lot of societal pressures against people making money in ways that directly involve sex. This means that there is a huge, barely tapped market there!

My partner is a sex worker. Now it's fortunate that the horrid meme-creature known as Monogamy never got its hooks into either of us, which means that its terrible weapon Jealousy the Envy-Blade, Breaker of Relationships, passes through me like the aethereal nothingness that it is, leaving me wrapped in the warm glow of my Breastplate of Compersion, That Which Heals When Hurt. This means we're open to explore those means of making money. Both of us have worked in pornography, making decent wages. But she's now working directly as an escort, which, given that she is an incredibly sexy, intelligent, and particularly business savvy lady, is making her quite a bit more. She tells me it is uncouth to discuss money explicitly, but I will say that this is earning much more money working far fewer hours than any of the "legitimate" jobs that either of us have worked.

Cat-Dog Dragons and Other Beautiful Things

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Ever since I was little, dragons have been a fantastical part of my daydreams. Giant reptilian creatures gliding and battling in the air above me and, if I was extra creative that day, me riding upon their backs. When the first How To Train Your Dragon movie was announced, I found myself super excited by the trailers. I even read the first book to prepare for the movie, even though I was most likely fifteen at the time. Although the films do not really follow the plotline in Cressida Cowell’s books, the imaginative world of Berk brought in audiences with the tale of Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless.

Any sequel trying to follow up fantastic originals are often up to much criteria. Fans do not want to be disappointed and the film company most likely will have a lot of weight on their back. However, How To Train Your Dragon 2 lived up to its expectations as we follow our older heroes on a quest to bring down a dragon warlord.

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