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The Ardington Hotel, in Worthing, is a hotel that I frequently recall, thought the last time I stayed there I couldn’t have been more than 6 or 7 years old. I know that from a very early age I used to holiday there for a couple of weeks in the summer with my parents - we’d make the 170 mile drive in the early morning, me barely awake, to avoid traffic and have a whole day to settle in and unwind.

I can remember playing in Steyne Gardens, right outside the front of the hotel; being scared of going down the helter-skelter in the childrens’ play park round the corner (until the day I eventually plucked up the courage to go down it, after which my parents had the devil of a job to get me off it again!); the shopping precinct. I can remember having breakfast and dinner in the dining room, and the stairs up to the bedrooms. I can even remember going ‘behind the scenes’ on a number of occasions - my parents and grandmother were on very good terms with the hotel’s owner, Mr. Margaroli. The hotel is still privately owned and in the Margaroli family, presumably now it’s the sons of the original Mr. Margaroli that are running it.

I went on holiday to other places with my parents - Blackpool, Ilfracombe, and Hele Bay most frequently - but it’s the Ardington Hotel that I remember when I think of those childhood holidays. And who would have thought that now, 40 years’ later, I would be living just 13 miles from it.


On Reviving Roses

Originally Posted: Friday, December 5, 2008

Before I got wrapped up in all that is life (dinner, feeding the dog, checking email, writing a post, etc) I was going to write about my drive home today and the thoughts that floated through my head. It was a long drive, the weather made it very difficult. I took this time to listen to some Christmas music and just relax, it was slow moving.

Home Alone

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