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Monday 31st March was World Backup Day 2014. No, I didn’t know either.

Even the most non-computer-using people need to be considering backups seriously if only because of the tons of photos you are likely to have in digital-only format.

Having fallen foul of lost data a number of times in the past, I have had a fairly intense backup system in place for a couple of years now. (To set the scene, I have in my household 3 desktop computers, one laptop, two iPads and two iPhones. Phew!):

All the above means that I have multiple copies of everything in multiple sites.

Coming Soon: Found Poetry Friday

On like an apple

I am somewhat embarrassed to be such a gusher here. I swear, I gush much more here than in...well, I was going to say "real life," but this is real life. In person, I guess, is what I mean? I am somewhat cynical and skeptical, and self-conscious about the ridiculous level of delight I can have in small, somewhat silly experiences of daily life.

Jessica's Wednesday Poem Club is one such experience. I cannot really articulate how delighted I am to finally have a group of people to talk about some of my favorite poems with. It is something I wanted to have for years and years. I even spoke with Woodland Pattern (an underappreciated wonder of a bookstore and local treasure) about creating such a club, some years ago, and they thought it _might_ be possible, though all of their clubs at that time were for people writing poetry and reading each other's poetry.

So anyway, all of this is by way of introduction to my next Small Delight, which I am christening "Found Poetry Friday."

Do you know about Found Poetry? It's what it sounds like, poems that consist of found lines, in text the author found but transformed into poetry, with line breaks, omissions, whatever. Mostly commonly it seems to be associated with modern poets whose work has some kinship with Pop Art (Warhol's Campbell's Soup and some other works are, after all, a sort of "found art"). For instance, here is one rather nice example (found on

by Howard Nemerov

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