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What is An Experience Architect

On Josef Experience Architect

An Experience Architect can be best explained by understanding their goals and processes. The goal of an Experience Architect (EA) is to design, develop and implement a product, system or service - the result of which should create an engaging, usable experience for users that is beneficial for businesses.

The process of an EA involves working across 3 levels. The strategy level concerned with the overall vision. The structural level where strategy is converted into pure functionality. The interface level where the final layer of the experience is applied to the raw functionality.

The aim of the strategy level is the design of the overall vision for the experience. This is the most abstracted part of the process. The important thing is ensuring that the experience is consistent. It must also take into account the users' & business goals. The result of the strategy level is a thorough understanding of the business, the user and a map of interactions points.

The aim of the structure level is the the development of the strategy into a functioning prototype. This structure is the underlying functionality that the user interacts with. A great experience hinges on having a great underlying functionality - aesthetics are just polish. The type of functionality will vary depending on the product/system/service. But the result of this stage is a raw but perfect prototype.

Green mothers

On It's not easy being green

For many years, we’ve seen the evolution of “Green Moms” – women who eschewed the convenience and accessibility of traditional products and who chose instead to look toward the environment or the health of their families when selecting products. From searching for natural ingredients on product labels in the grocery store to ensuring cleaning and home décor items offered the best ingredients for their families, these Moms have redefined the path to purchase. In January 2015, Influence Central surveyed a panel of nearly 1,000 highly targeted Moms with at least one child under the age of 18 living at home for their attitudes on “green.” We’ve highlighted our findings below:

“LIGHT” GREEN ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORSConsumers self-segment into one of three levels of green, from Uber Green to Un-Green, and the segment we’ve named “Green… But.” This “Green… But” group proves one that many families identify with because they are green in behavior but do not self-report as such. And though they shop green, they aren’t hoping to save the world, but instead just want to protect their families.

The Uber-Green

The Uber Green self-report as very green (47%). They readily refer to themselves as a “Green Mom” (99%). They mostly rely on DIY and green store-bought cleaning products and are more than likely to do so to protect both their family and the environment from harsh chemicals. 87% of these women always try to use “Earth-Friendly” practices. They could be considered green advocates – they are knowledgeable environmentalists and true believers in living green.

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