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The Roitfeld Crush


Every now and then we get a style crush but I can’t shake off the Roitfelds, from mother to daughter, father to son I am fascinated by this 2 point 4. For those who haven’t seen Mademoiselle C, Carine’s Roitfelds documentary on going solo is a must watch, released tail end of 2013. Shot in the same effortless style of her craft, she is magic on screen. I feel like I have discovered Carine at the right moment in life, her transcending from professional and personal roles in life is somewhat identifiable for most professional women with families. Her hectic day-to-day musings are simply another planet! which is why she is such an interesting personality.

Her most recent collaboration saw her with Kim K and that Tee. She is brave and bold and not afraid of what anyone thinks, apart from her grand-daughter it seems! For the most part I admire her down-to-earth persona, at the heart of who she is her family are central. From the arrival of her grand-daughter to her obsession with ballet, her CR signature is stamped gracefully, celebrating and loving each moment in life.

Can’t wait to see what team CR get up-to this year!!

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