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Sshhh…it’s a Sushi

The A-Listed girls are the most mobile bunch of free-lancers around, from our hot-desking jaunts around the city, to countless coffee shop tables and the comfort of our laptop trays in bed! This is truly the generation of remote working and we are not alone. The number of remote workers is up year on year and shows the traditional place of work will be a thing of the past as technology pushes forward.

Now that is all fabulous stuff, but looking fabulous on the move is always challenging, there are days when all I want is a cute small stylish clutch, other days a small tote fits better for the schedule. Almost all days though I need my laptop, without a shadow of a doubt carrying this bit of kit around is a necessity and also a style challenge.

Laptop bags have always failed miserably in the style stakes for me and so I have often resorted to the comfort of a rucksack. Not anymore…I was lucky enough to find this amazing new collection and haven’t stopped telling all my laptop carrying girlfriends how gorgeous and practical they are. Sushi laptop bags marry functionality with style. They have elegant, balanced proportions and functional internal compartments that leave nothing to be desired when it comes to everyday use and the transportation of sensitive technology, but what sets the new bags apart is that they also boast modern, chic aesthetic designs with impressive attention to detail.

The collection which is available now includes three design ranges: En Vogue Selection priced from £79.00, Fashion Series priced from £58.00 and Tablet Series from £32.00. All offer various colour and material combinations and varying sizes to fit Notebooks, Macs and Tablet PCs. With sophisticated patterns, exclusive materials and on trend colours Sushi have transformed the dull run-of-the-mill business bag into a must have fashion accessory. And of course, Sushi laptop bags make ideal gifts. My favourite was the tan colour which goes with just about everything in my wardrobe. This little

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