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Eustratia - Designer Talk

Dark, sultry and dangerously seductive. There is something incredibly enchanting about 'Eustratia'. Like something out of a fairy tale, designer Stacy Mavrou talks about her collection as a clash between fashion, fetish and art.

Beautifully handmade, with the ultimate attention to detail, Stacey works with latex amongst other fabrics to produce wearable and unique pieces.

At the age of 3, Stacey was taught to sew by her Greek Grandmother, also a seamstress. The name of her collection 'Eustratia' also resonates with her Greek heritage meaning 'good' or 'right' path.

Her talent passion and ambition grew over the years - Stacey recalls how she simply had her bedroom floor as a studio and a grant from the Princess Trust which enabled her to pave her career as a reputable Manchester based designer.

Happiness Within

On The Nomad

All the happiness you need is within you. Question yourself and ask… what makes me happy? What do I need to be happy?

Looking at these questions, it’s all on how happiness is perceived. Most people tend to strive for happiness through external things like: house, job, car, loving partner, food, drugs, shopping, etc. these things do not keep you happy for long, ending up striving for more external happiness being subject to the whim of these external things.

You can also find happiness within. And when you do that, you realize that all you need for happiness is already within you:

1.The amazingness of you, with all your uniqueness and strengths and "flaws" (which are really just parts of you that make you unique).

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