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Spotlight - Russian Ball

For the first time since 1921 Venski Bal Moskva announced the arrival of the Russian Ball to London’s Royal Albert Hall. The Russian Ball brought royal tradition spanning over 200 years straight to the heart of London. The glamourous traditions of the Ramanov era were thouroughly enjoyed by the guests. From the imaginative culinary dishes to the stars of Jazz: Igor Butman and Semen Milstein all added to the ambience. Evgenia Viktorovna Obraztsova Prima ballerina of the Bolshi Theatre was spectacular and our favourite in this star-studded evening, further embellishing the contributions of Russian’s artists.

A-Listed interviewed debutante couple, Niina Golikova and AlexanderSidukov to find out more about their Russian heritage and taking part in the Russian Ball.

Tell us about where you grew up?

Ninna - I grew up in Estonia, in a small town called Sillamae. Today Sillamae is a strategic trading EU port, the closest to Russia.

13 Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress

On Zach Browne

WordPress Shopping Carts have become a very popular extension of WordPress for individuals and businesses who would like to start selling their products or services online. With a few mouse clicks and some products, a shopping cart can turn your WordPress website into an online store ready for business. There are many shopping cart plugins available and they all offer many strengths and weaknesses. Picking one really comes down to a few simple questions.

I have installed and configured a ton of shopping carts for WordPress and I've put together this list of shopping cart plugins that I've used at one time or another.  Some are free and some cost a few bucks but they are all used for building an online store with WordPress. I have to admit however that the PHPPurchase is probably my favorite for a number of reasons, primarily for their support, however I'm glad to work with any of the plugins below. I've included a video from PHPPurchase's website that goes over the features, it also does a pretty good job of explaining how shopping cart's for WordPress work all around. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, the best thing to do is a little research and make sure what ever product or service you are offering matches up with the feature set of the shopping cart plugin you end up using.

Here's the PHPPurchase video I was talking about. As you look over shopping cart solutions for WordPress, make sure to consider some of the following things.

What payment processors can it use? Here's a small list of some of the more popular ones:

I hope this helps you make a good decision on which shopping cart solution to go with. Good luck.

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