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Make-up Fix - Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is the newly launched make-up range in the UK. With a solid fan base consisting of professional make-up artists, celebrities and loyal customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines; Eye of Horus is establishing itslef as the cult brand of choice in the UK. With the liner being a key make-up trend featured on A/W 13 catwalks you will be hot on trend this party season.

A-L are always on the look out for brands that are high performing and natural. Eye of Horus products offer a range of products rich in natural waxes and made from the finest natural ingredients delivering exceptional results.

To see more on their fabulous range visit Eye of Horus, to buy your favourite picks just in time for Christmas.

And We're Off, Part 2!

On Gorilla Tactics

In addition to Yuling, Patrick Steen has just joined the team as a Core Programmer. He hails from sunny Texas, where he will be wearing cowboy boots and coding for the project.

The cowboy boots part is, obviously, the more important of the two.

Having recently left his job to pursue a career in the video games industry, in true Cowboy fashion, Patrick decided to join the Kung Fu Kingdom project and stake his claim to what he considers to be "The greatest idea to ever come around since kettle corn!"

He didn't actually say that. I made that up.

Welcome to the team Patrick.

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