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Lily S/S14 - Barbara Palvin Fashion Shoot

Lily joined forces with the French award-winning communication group FRED & FARID SHANGHAI in the look-book shooting for Lily’s 2014 Spring campaign (they have already worked together for the 2013 Autumn collection). The scene was set in Shanghai, and the prestigious fashion photographer John Wright and Hungarian model Barbara Palvin were also invited to join the shooting.

The conception for the shooting was largely based on Lily’s brand positioning as a leading business chic brand that offers a “no more no less” attitude, catering for modern women’s pursue of inner peace----that means: even in office, Lily want the girls to feel like on the play ground. The bizarrely huge typewritter, pencil' swing and clock could remind us of Alice’s Wonderland, and bring the audience into a dreamy ambience.

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