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Designer Talk - Nadine Merabi

The fashion brand Ono Uno has appointed UK based designer Nadine Merabi as its Creative Director. The label launched with womenswear this autumn and will be followed by menswear and accessories in 2014. Nadine Merabi launched her eponymous brand over two and half years ago a now is household name, worn at major events and receiving national press. Each dress is bespoke and custom made for clients. Her designs encapsulate the female figures with pure elegance, her dresses demand attention.

We caught up with Nadine, on the cusp of party season on her ‘stand out’ collection, a serious choice for those wanting to step up the glitz factor. We spoke with her on her rise in the world of fashion and her thoughts on creating a beautiful dress.

Tell us more about what goes when you’re creating elegant, timeless dresses?

I gain my inspiration from my everyday life, the people I am with and certain things I am experiencing in my life at any given moment. My collections often reflect my mood at the time. Once I’ve gained inspiration for my collection, I develop it in the way in which I think will most flatter a woman and make her feel confident and glamorous.

The Silk Road

On Enlighten Path

China's proposals to build a modern-day trading route on the skeleton of the ancient traders' trail, known as the silk road, have been welcomed by its neighbor. The China Daily reported on 9 March 2015 that the project had led to criticism and misunderstanding. Oppositions fear this long term and ambitious project would be derailed. The Polish were supportive of the project and pledge to be part of the project. First secretary of the Polish embassy in Beijing, Wojciech Jakobiec, said "for us, the Silk Road Economic Belt is an especially important project, and we would like to participate in it."

Based on UNESCO's understanding, silk road was a recent term. They traced it to German geologist, Baron Ferdinand von Richthofen. He called the trade and communication network Die Seidenstrasse (the Silk Road). The silk road is sometimes used in the plural term because the network extend to a web of sea and land routes.

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