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So I thought I'd take some time to share with all of you a few discoveries I've made over the past couple of weeks here and there. First off, here in Nashville, I was at the Belcourt Theater last week when I happened upon their November art exhibit.  This month's showing featured the paintings of a local artist named Steven Knudson.  I have  to say that I love it when I stumble upon beautiful artwork without expecting it.   Standing in the Belcourt lobby and absorbing these portraits  of women playing musical instruments in desolate country fields just totally made my day.   There's a sparse and dark loneliness about his work that I really love. Unfortunately, the exhibit goes down this weekend, but you can view just about all of the pieces on his official website.  Just go here:http://www.stevenknudson.com Secondly, my sister posted video a couple of days ago on her blog.  It was a cartoon that I will be posting tomorrow for my Video of the Week feature.  In any case, this cartoon is one of many independently made Animation Short Films that can be seen for free on a wonderful website called aniboom. I wish I had a few minutes every day to watch all of the little clips they feature.  They are all so brilliant!!  Just go here to check it out:http://www.aniboom.com Lastly, I'm not sure if any of you ever click on the links I have on the right side of this blog.  There happens to be a wee little link to a photo blog called "The Sartorialist" under the Fashion category. This is the photo blog of a world-reknown fashion photographer.  He basically takes pictures of people out in the streets of whatever city he happens to be in at the time--Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Rio, London, and so many other places all over the world. I have to say that I appreciate fashion in an artistic sense more than a materialistic one.  I could give a rat's ass about clothing labels and big names.  Show me a suit that is tailored well or an outfit that presents a strong and rich perspective, and I will love you forever.  I really love The Sartorialist for giving me a glimpse of how people choose to dress all over the world.  Even the photos themselves are really wonderful! Check it out here:http://www.thesartorialist.com So, grab some coffee this Sunday morning and feel free to check out these really great sites.  Beautiful paintings, fun animated films, and gorgeous everyday fashion await!! -g

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