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Make-up Fix - Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is the newly launched make-up range in the UK. With a solid fan base consisting of professional make-up artists, celebrities and loyal customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines; Eye of Horus is establishing itslef as the cult brand of choice in the UK. With the liner being a key make-up trend featured on A/W 13 catwalks you will be hot on trend this party season.

A-L are always on the look out for brands that are high performing and natural. Eye of Horus products offer a range of products rich in natural waxes and made from the finest natural ingredients delivering exceptional results.

To see more on their fabulous range visit Eye of Horus, to buy your favourite picks just in time for Christmas.

Drops of Jupiter

On The Universe

You sat on my bed. You were sitting with you legs "criss cross apple sauce" just like how you learned in Kindergarten. You said you liked the idea of it cause it reminded you of innocence. You were silent and I watched your eyes as they glided from my right eye to my left eye and back again. I looked into your eyes and saw brown eyes with tints of blue. I saw pupils filled with innocence and a feeling of home. I watched your lips as they opened like the first flower blossoming in April, and your tongue skimmed over your bottom lip like a bee collecting pollen to carry and nurture another pairs of lips. I traced your jawline with my fingertips and felt the universe opening under my finger nails. But the time I really saw the milky way and watched the moon as the light burnt my eyes with its beauty, is when I watched the way you spoke. Your words had energy and took me to Jupiter and Mars and I was an astronaut, amazed by the stars. And every night I replayed the song "Drops of Jupiter" because I always saw you in every breath and lyric.

When you looked at me you saw brown eyes and I wondered if you've ever seen the universe in me.

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