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Designer Talk - Nadine Merabi

The fashion brand Ono Uno has appointed UK based designer Nadine Merabi as its Creative Director. The label launched with womenswear this autumn and will be followed by menswear and accessories in 2014. Nadine Merabi launched her eponymous brand over two and half years ago a now is household name, worn at major events and receiving national press. Each dress is bespoke and custom made for clients. Her designs encapsulate the female figures with pure elegance, her dresses demand attention.

We caught up with Nadine, on the cusp of party season on her ‘stand out’ collection, a serious choice for those wanting to step up the glitz factor. We spoke with her on her rise in the world of fashion and her thoughts on creating a beautiful dress.

Tell us more about what goes when you’re creating elegant, timeless dresses?

I gain my inspiration from my everyday life, the people I am with and certain things I am experiencing in my life at any given moment. My collections often reflect my mood at the time. Once I’ve gained inspiration for my collection, I develop it in the way in which I think will most flatter a woman and make her feel confident and glamorous.

The Steadfast Blade

On Chasing Serendipity

Jared sat in an armchair, set at angle to the flickering fireplace. As Jamie rose from the sofa that created the rest of the angle, he glanced up, hazel eyes framed by a bare hint of gray in his dark hair. She smiled softly at his inquisitive glance, and shook her head. His lips twitched back, and she moved through the hallway, into the kitchen.

When Jamie returned, Jared had gone back to staring at the crackling fire. She set down a glass of wine onto the table to the right of the armchair, and he looked up at the sound of glass meeting wood.

"You only ever stare at the fire and be silent like that when something's on your mind." Jamie laid a hand on his shoulder for a moment, then raised it to caress his cheek. Jared leaned into the touch, closing his eyes, and they remained there for a silent moment. Then she continued, "What is it, babe?"

The endearment always brought a smile to Jared's face, and it did not fail this time. One side of Jared's mouth lifted. "I don't really know, Jamie."

She glanced at the piece of thick paper he grasped in the gap between two fingers. Jared had not once released it the whole evening, Jamie noticed. He caught her glance, and he gave another crooked expression, one shoulder rising and falling. "You know I never keep anything more serious than planned gifts or vacations a secret from you. This came today."

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